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 Let's see if I remember how it works. Also, I deleted the master fic list post that I used to have, since it was way out of date and my user page on AO3 does that better anyway.

I will still be active on tumblr, though I'll try to reduce by degrees the time I actually spend on there. This means that, while I'll still post a link to my fics there (and here), there'll be fewer reblogs and so on, and less time spent on my dash. I'll still see if I'm tagged in posts or if you send me a message/ask, but I probably won't see your content unless you're posting it here.

That said - if you follow me or I follow you on tumblr, and you're moving here (or are already here), please tell me! Yes, I want to follow you!
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I was going to make a tumblr post that could become a list of people’s tumblr urls vs their preferred platform that they’re evacuating to, so that their friends could find them. But then I realised tumblr format would be crap for that, and it would be a nightmare for people to refer back to and actually see everybody on it. So guess what - I’m making that post on here instead!

If you’re considering leaving tumblr or reducing your hours on it in favour of another platform - or if you’re already active on another platform anyway - or if you've already left! then this post is for you.

Please leave a comment with a) your tumblr url and b) your other name and platform(s); and anything else you want to add, eg, ‘I’ll still crosspost my art/fic on tumblr, but I’ll be mostly on [whatever] for social purposes’.

Anon comments are fine if you don’t have/want a dreamwidth account.

This goes for everybody, not just people who follow me or whom I follow! Use this post however you like - bookmark it, check for any of your friends if they seem to have gone missing, encourage them to add their name here if they're about to - and, if you feel like it, reblog the tumblr post to let your followers know!


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