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... well. Here's my AO3 stats for 2012:

Author Subscriptions: 53
Kudos: 1139
Comment Threads: 143
Bookmarks: 249
Subscriptions: 86
Word Count: 440281
Hits: 43357

See that number, second from the bottom? That is an excellent reason why it would be exhausting and tiresome to write a 'this is what every story meant for me'.

A few shout-outs, though...

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... Suddenly, Anna/Charlie is trying to write its way into my Fox and the Hound AU. I've never written Anna, never even particularly liked her, and Charlie didn't even exist when I started writing this thing. Halp.
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 It is possible that I am taking a simply malicious amount of glee with this sexually naive Dean in my WIP.


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... Or it's possible that Gabriel is.

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There are about a thousand words that I just discovered at the (current) end of my WIP fic that I do not remember writing. Which I suppose makes sense - I was tipsy and sleepy and all wrapped up in that universe last night - but it's a little odd to read. Weirdly enthralling, words and scenes I don't remember thinking of, but which make perfect sense. Like watching them come to life, just a bit.

Dean and Cas even had a highly charged not-quite-argument which is thematically very important. Clearly I should do this more often!

Had anyone else out there had that happen to them? Does it make any sense at all when you re-read it? This is sort of fun. :)


“Watch your head,” Dean advised shortly. Even he had to duck to get under some of the gnarled old branches along this path, and he was just leading the Colt. Cas would be having to lean forward almost flat along his neck.

Midday was approaching, and Sam was barely visible in the forest gloom thirty yards ahead.

“This was not how I expected Sam to look when I saw him again,” Castiel murmured suddenly, the first thing he’d volunteered for two hours.

Dean kicked half a rotten branch out of the way, guided the Colt around its remains.

What about me, he wasn’t going to ask, do I look like you expected? Did you think about that?

He chuckled, a bit awkward, and said “You just wait, Cas. You should see the kid. He’s really something.”

We’ll fix it, then they can talk properly. We will.

Yeah, like that would fix anything.

“Dean,” Cas slurred, and Dean looked back to see his eyes fighting to close. “Won’t you be missed?”

“I’ll handle it, Cas. Don’t you drift off on me, yeah? Just a bit longer.”

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Caged!Gabriel seems to be getting addicted to butting heads with Dean. Because there is nothing else to do. Because he is, as he puts it several times, locked in a fucking barn .

“Gabriel,” he stated flatly, through a clenched jaw. “How’re you doing?”
It sounded stupid. Judging by the squinty face Gabriel made at him, he wasn’t the only one who thought so.
“Wow. That hurt?”
Dean glowered. “Bite me.”
Gabriel’s eyebrows climbed sarcastically. “Okay then. My shoulder’s fucking sore, and I’m locked in an animal pen. Next question?”

Gabriel: In Ur Cage, Not Getting (Your Classic) Stockholm's.

Boys, boys. Remember that talk we had about healthy relationships? This story isn't even Dean/Gabriel.

... boys?

Gabriel stared. Then he laughed, sharp and hard. “Wait. Wait. That’s what this is about? You’re asking for my help?”

WIP meme

Apr. 8th, 2012 04:46 pm
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 Because I have a WIP. And it is eating my brain.
Grabbed from [personal profile] ladydrace .
1. Go to page 77 (or 7) of your current ms.
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written.
4. Tag 7 other authors. If you would like to do this meme, consider yourself tagged!

(Counting page 7 from the start of chapter 1, therefore excluding the prologue, because I've already posted most of that elsewhere:)


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Just wrote, for the first time, a scene that physically sickened me as I wrote it. No gore (well, someone gets stabbed in the shoulder, but he stays on his feet and blood isn't really mentioned), no weird extreme kinky stuff. Just people being... people. And they're the main characters too, people you like. And I can't tone it down. It isn't explicit. It's just people defending what they think is right.

This is what I get for writing a story about what defines the edges of humanity, isn't it?

Now I want to give it a NC-17 rating even if no one does anything more explicit than kiss each other nicely on the cheek.

Dean, Ellen, Bobby, stop doing that.

... except they do that, absolutely that, on the show. Regularly. It makes absolute sense and there is no way they wouldn't, under the circumstances. They've got people depending on them, after all.
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So, the trouble with toddlers is the old Disney movies you find yourself watching. And the plotbunnies those spawn.

But really? The Fox and the Hound? Come on, plotbunny - what's so sexy about that that you had to have your wicked fertile way with it?

I don't have room in my plotbunny hutch for one more, and yet, it shoulders its way in...

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5000 words of Castiel/Dean porn, 4000 of Sam/Gabriel, not counting all the pre-porn teasing in the previous chapter. And 3000 words of breakfast fluff. Although Gabriel doesn't seem to have got the memo that the porn is over....
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And I'm the author, so that's saying something.

Sam, the fact that she's just dropped in from 1666 doesn't mean you have to preface everything you address to her with 'uh, verily?'. Dean, stop going HEY LADY at the archangel who just burned London down.

Someday, Dean, someone is just going to turn around and go UR ATTITUDE? IS NOT CUTE and smite you. It might even be Castiel, if you embarrass him any more.

(BUT WAIT I HAD ONE MORE QUIP. :((((((((((((((((()

Bobby is unimpressed at you all from under his hat.


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