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Mole End

Written: Friday 9 May 2013.

Pairings: None, although there’re several could-be-preslashes lurking about.

Rating: G

Genre and tropes: Angstfluff. Shh. It’s a genre. Also, bunkerfic, reading to sick people, hurt/comfort, and the idea of home.

Word count: 2200.

Spoilers: Episode coda to 8x21.

Summary: The bunker doesn’t really feel like home right now. Dean is restless, Sam’s a mess, and Castiel just won’t heal. Until one day, for no obvious reason, he begins to get better.

Warnings: None.

Notes: Just in case anybody doesn’t recognise it, the book in question is The Wind In The Willows.

AO3 link.

In her last text, Charlie asked how things were going back here at the hobbit hole. Coming from her, that’s... well, sweet, because Dean knows what she means by it, only just now Dean isn’t entirely sure it won’t be a grave instead.

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Pairings: Almost gen - Castiel/Dean pre-slash.

Rating: Teen.

Genre and tropes: Theoretically fluff and crackfic, though Sam keeps trying to angst. Episode tag to 5x04. Trickster!Gabriel, temporarily-fem!Gabriel.

Word count: 3400.

Spoilers: Postscript to 5x04 (and AU from there)..

Summary: Set after 5x04. There are several things Sam doesn’t understand. One is pretty simple: how the hell (hah) are he and Dean meant to hold out against two sulky archangels who both want a ride to the prom? Others are “what on earth went down in that weird alternate reality Zachariah put Dean in,” “why is Dean looking at Castiel so strangely now,” and “who is this woman with pink hair who’s just turned up and decided they’re all going to take a day off to visit the zoo.”

Warnings: Gabriel using a glamour to appear female. References to 5x04, and other angst of season 5.

Notes: Originally written for the Team Free Love Secret Lover exchange, for verucasalt123. To a mish-mash of her prompts - “Dean/Cas, Sam and Gabriel trying to force them to acknowledge their feelings for each other” and a bit of “the Trickster playing tricks”. Gabriel also tries to make the story fit the “crack” request, but alas, the boys aren’t really in the mood.

“So you’re the missing archangel,” Sam tried. She bit the end off her giant candy snake and grinned, all teeth and sparkle. “Not really missing. More sort of temporarily misplaced. Like the One Ring.”

A hotel room, back in the right year. The common grubbiness of we-can’t-be-bothered-cleaning, not the violence and desolation of zombieland. And a smirking balding angel in centre-stage. )
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Pairings & Characters: Dean, Gabriel, Castiel. Gen, so far. Future Dean/Gabriel, but definite Strong Feels all around.
Rating: Teen, for Purgatory creepiness and altered mental states.
Word count: 3300.
Spoilers: Up to and including season 7 finale. Takes no account of anything after that, so no season 8 spoilers.
Written: 24 September, 2012.
Warnings (mouseover for spoilery detail): Slippery grip on sanity. Amnesia. Image-heavy (all SFW).
Summary: Set after the season 7 finale. Dean thinks he’s alone in Purgatory, but Castiel is always there. Something else is there too: something old and nameless, something once-familiar, drawn to the shining beacon of memories and emotions that remind it of something it doesn’t understand.

The other denizens of this place cringed back from the strange new unbright light, terrifyingbeautifulmine. But this denizen didn’t. It pressednibbled closer, clung to the edges. Soul and grace so oddly intertwined, they were, withlove withouttrust, withbrotherhood withoutunderstanding.
What was brotherhood?
What were love, and trust? Strange thoughts to rise from forgotten not-nows. Thoughts that didn’t belong in this nowplace.

Note: This stands alone, but was written as backstory for my Ask Debriel tumblr project. The only difference this makes is to affirm that, though I haven’t written it (yet), the problems with which they’re left at the end of this story are resolved, and they do get out of Purgatory. This was partly written because I wanted to write something Purgatory-related before the season 8 première and was running out of time, and partly because someone conveniently asked on the tumblog for more information about what had happened in Purgatory. And it wasn’t something the boys were just going to up and say, so...

Images were all found on the eerily beautiful wanderingthroughpurgatory.


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Summary: Historical AU, northern Wales 1284. As Edward I's army creeps forward in its painstaking invasion of Wales, one of his knights and one of his draftsman pass the time in the sun. Sir Dean of Winchester is, after all, a temptation too strong for human frailty to resist. Besides, Dean's wrists look really really good in those vambraces. 
Pairing/Characters: Castiel/Dean. Edward I and Sam mentioned.
Written: 16 September 2012.
Rating: Explicit.
Length: 3900.
Warnings/Tropes/Other things: Knight!Dean, craftsman!Cas. Some mention of religious themes, corresponding uncertainty about how to understand homosexuality. As they're in the middle of a military campaign to subjugate Wales, there's some mention of the Welsh as primitive or traitorous. 
Note: The first few paragraphs originally written as a commentfic here.

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Summary: Poor, bedraggled dog!Sam, lost and hungry, runs into an unexpected precise, blue-eyed feline. Who promptly rearranges the world so that everyone, including both their owners, have sufficient cuddles.
Pairing: Dean/Gabriel and (sort of) Castiel/Sam. 
Written: 13 May 2012.
Rating: G
Length: c. 3200.
Warnings: Dog!Sam and cat!Cas. I feel I should mention that the animals do not have sex. Their relationship is entirely about then snuggles.
Notes: Originally written for this prompt (minus the typo, I'm afraid) at the Sassy minibang commentfic meme. All but the Gabriel/Dean coffee shop scene originally appeared there. The title is a Snoopy quote.

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Surrey, 1323. In which Gabriel hides, and makes some unexpected acquaintances with opinions on family and civil war.
Sir Thomas Engayne, Gabriel, Sir Thomas Roscelyn.

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In which Sam tells Dean that Castiel is alive, they start out for Delacroix, Bobby gets an unexpected delivery, and somebody ’fesses up.
Sam, Dean, Bobby, Gabriel.


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In which Castiel is confused, the nurse is suspicious, and Sam makes contact.
Castiel, Sam.

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In which Dean wins at the Internet, and Sam is not transparent.
Dean, Sam.

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In which Dean suspects words are not entirely reliable, and a town is mysteriously not destroyed. Dean, Sam.


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In which Sam seeks advice from someone Dean really wouldn’t approve of.
Sam, Lucifer.

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In which an Indian goddess rebuilds something that used to be an archangel.
Kali, Gabriel.
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