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Bright as a Gorgon’s eyes.

a March-Stalkers Mighty extra


Written: 15-19 March 2013.

Pairings: Castiel/Dean.

Rating: Mature.

Genre and tropes: Domesticity, some fluff, some h/c, virginity, oral sex, cuddles, cookie-dough fights, fairy tale.

Word count: 13k.

Spoilers: Plenty for March-Stalkers Mighty, none for the show.

Summary: Dean had always looked at him like that. He’d always looked at Castiel and made him into something new, something that Dean believed in so strongly that it became reality before Castiel had even noticed he was changing.

Warnings: Grief, and mention of character deaths that took place before the story opens.

Notes: Timestamp to March-Stalkers Mighty: key scenes and sequences during the action of MSM and after it, from Castiel’s point of view. Given this retells parts of that story but doesn’t detail the action in between, will make very little sense without having read the main fic.

An eye more bright than theirs, less false in rolling,
Gilding the object whereupon it gazeth.
Sonnet XX, William Shakespeare.

Look not upon me, for thine eyes are wounding:
Yet do not go away: come, basilisk,
And kill the innocent gazer with thy sight.
Henry VI part 2, William Shakespeare (III.ii).

[Love] adds a precious seeing to the eye:
A lover’s eyes will gaze an eagle blind.
Love’s Labours Lost, William Shakespeare (IV.iii).

... with Hector’s eyes glaring bright as a Gorgon’s eyes or Ares’, man-destroying Ares’.
Homer’s Iliad (Book VIII.


“You gotta open your eyes, Cas,” Dean whispered in his ear, breath huffing distraction down the side of Castiel’s neck.

“My eyes are open,” Castiel grumbled at him, and promptly made a liar of himself as Dean tucked his nose into the crook of Castiel’s neck and laughed, as Dean’s hand on his waist shifted with the horse’s movement and brushed warm against Castiel’s skin through the loose ties at the side of his tunic. 

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Summary: After the events of Reading is Fundamental, Castiel starts hanging around Sam - and avoiding Dean. He also has another constant companion, whom he generously allows Sam to see with him. Sam isn't too happy about this, but Hallucifer isn't really Lucifer, right? Anyway, if Castiel is seeing the devil, in whatever form, best he do it where Sam can keep an eye on him... because Sam's really not sure what they're up to when they aren't around. Also, has he mentioned that Lucifer is a complete troll?

Characters: Castiel, Sam, (Hal)Lucifer (or is he?), Dean, Bobby; and... well, someone less expected.

Pairings: Properly speaking, gen. But the story focuses on the following relationships: Sam/Castiel, Sam/Lucifer, Lucifer/Castiel, Dean/Castiel. If I write a sequel, it may go in any of those directions, depending on what the boys get up to.

Written: 16-19 May 2012.

Rating: Teen

Length: c. 12500.

Warnings: Mental illness, although Castiel doesn't see anything wrong with himself.

Notes: Started out as crack-drabble-fluff for [livejournal.com profile] princess_aleera's prompt at the Sassy minibang prompt meme. And it grew, into basically my alternate season finale. Written very quickly between the airings of episodes 7.22 and 23; takes place after episode 21; edited after 23 aired, but the only changes were fixing typoes and replacing some of Castiel's random observations with those from 7.23, because they were far more interesting than the ones I'd written for him! So, spoilers throughout season 7.
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Venice, 1756. In which Giacomo Casanova has an unexpected and rather useful visitor.
Casanova, Gabriel.

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