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To draw a map of a child’s mind.


Doctors sometimes draw maps of other parts of you, and your own map can become intensely interesting, but catch them trying to draw a map of a child’s mind, which is not only confused, but keeps going round all the time. There are zigzag lines on it, just like your temperature on a card, and these are probably roads in the island - for the Neverland is always more or less an island.
Peter Pan and Wendy, J. M. Barrie (Chapter 1).

Written: 7-9 June 2013, for princess aleera's birthday.

Pairings: None (except Dean/Castiel/Sam friendship)

Rating: M, for a little gore at the start

Genre and tropes: Baby fic, bunker fic, fallen Castiel, human Castiel, domestic fluff, post season 8

Word count: 6k.

Spoilers: Assume knowledge through to the end of season 8.

Summary: They come across an abandoned newborn, on a case. Sam assumes Dean will put her up for adoption. Any minute now... right? (Also known as, I can’t help it, I have father!Dean feels this week.)

Warnings: Gore (canon-level violence) resulting in an orphan.

AO3 link.

“I thought their eyes couldn’t focus so young.”
Dean’s finger reached out, traced across the baby’s cheek, earned a small noise.
“Guess nobody told her that. Wants to get you all figured out - don’t you, darlin’?”
There was a lazy ease to Dean’s voice when he spoke to her that brought out the drawl, the one he usually kept hidden under the sharpness of the job, of being the tough guy with the world on his shoulders. It did strange, uneasy things to Sam’s gut - some not-quite-right feeling that he couldn’t place.

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O, brave new world!

an epilogue to season 8


Alonso: Arise, and say how thou camest here.
Miranda: O, wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in’t!
Prospero: ‘Tis new to thee.
The Tempest, William Shakespeare (Act V, Scene 1).

Written: 18-22 May 2013.

Pairings: Dean/Sam, Castiel/Dean, Castiel/Dean/Sam.

Rating: Explicit.

Genre and tropes: Wincestiel, episode coda, fallen angels, human Castiel, hurt/comfort.

Word count: 9500.

Spoilers: Through to (and especially for) the finale of season 8.

Summary: “Are you okay?” Sam put in, and Dean was fiercely stupidly grateful because he couldn’t ask it himself.
“I,” Castiel said, and he sounded so fucking lost. “Metatron was lying.”
“Oh, y’think?” Dean snapped out, and snatched the phone from Sam. “Where are you?”
“I’m not,” Castiel said, and, “I don’t know. Dean, everything is written in Italian, and I should be able to read it but I can’t remember most of the words and I can’t feel the Earth’s magnetic field or where the equator is or this vessel’s negotiations with gravity, Dean, I don’t know where I am.”

Warnings: None.

AO3 link.



Say how thou camest here.


Everything was very clear suddenly, as Dean hustled Sam outside, crouched with him in the lee of the Impala: clear in a way that Dean had almost forgotten. Sam was his, fierce as iron: the clutch of his hands in Dean’s jacket, the shake in his voice when he said Dean’s name like it was the only word he knew, the warm solid weight of him against Dean’s side. What was that they said - if you love somebody set them free, and they might even come back? Sam was sagging against him, coughing and groaning, but he was leaning on Dean and happy to do it, for as long as he needed it. For the first time in - hell, years - there was no crap between them, none of the push-pull and how-could-you and anger. Brothers again, and that was more important than anything. And they were going to be okay.

Then Heaven began to fall.

Dean couldn’t leave either of his men alone for five freaking minutes.

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Let them be joyful: let them sing aloud upon their beds

an In His Image extra


Pairings: Main pairings Castiel/Dean and Gabriel/Sam; but they are in the process of moving towards wholesale TFL. All the other permutations are in various stages of development in this fic, with Wincest being the least advanced - enough that Dean can pretend it isn’t there at all. Mouseover for participants in the sex scene, if desired.

Rating: Explicit.

Genre and tropes: Christmas!fic. Fluff. Post-Apocalypse. Threesome, blowjobs, kissing, voyeurism, eggnog, carol singing, far too much mistletoe.

Word count: 7800.

Spoilers: Set after season 5, so everything up until Swan Song is fair game. Nothing for any seasons after that except passing reference to two characters whom we only meet in season 7 in canon.

Summary: In which it is their first Christmas together, and Gabriel decides that it is absolutely necessary to go carol-singing. Also there is now mistletoe growing all over every ceiling in the house, because who’s going to argue with mistletoe?

Warnings: Angelcest, and pre-Wincest thoughts. For those of Dean’s mindset regarding food, I should probably also include a warning for meat-free lasagne (Castiel’s still squeamish about red meat, I’m afraid!).

Notes: Set a few months after the close of In His Image, but it’s entirely possible to read this on its own. The main fic goes AU after Gabriel’s death but does use events and set-ups from the remaining episodes. Basically, “Kali brought Gabriel back to life and they stopped the Apocalypse and now Castiel runs Heaven.” At the end of the main fic we left the four boys learning how to be a family together; we also saw hunters and angels begin to build a network of contacts and liaise with people like Becky and the power of the internet to coordinate post-Apocalyptic clean-up, which is alluded to here, and which is now beginning to settle down into a more permanent set-up.
Originally written for the Team Free Love Secret Lover Exchange, for tiptoe39. Prompt was “Send the boys on vacation. Give them a break. Let them relax, let it all hang out, get their freak on a bit. Where and how is up to you. Just give them some time off and see where that utter lack of stress and danger takes them emotionally.”

“It’s nothing like that, okay? It’s just... conditioning.”
“’Cos usually when you two get going Cas and I start making out too. It’s like... Pavlovian.”
“Sure,” Gabriel agreed, eyes wide and sweet and completely untrustworthy, and snapped the groceries away into their places. “And also Sam and I are hot.”
Dean tossed the oven mitts at him, because Gabriel liked doing all the little everyday things the human way. “Isn’t there a lasagne you should be checking?”
“So,” Sam announced happily, staggering in under another mountain of shopping bags, “I got Christmas decorations!”

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An Acorn Button

a March-Stalkers Mighty extra


All children, except one, grow up.

Wendy also said that she would give him a kiss if he liked, but Peter did not know what she meant, and he held out his hand expectantly.
“Surely you know what a kiss is?” she asked, aghast.
“I shall know when you give it to me,” he replied stiffly; and, not to hurt his feeling, she gave him a thimble.
“Now,” said he, “shall I give you a kiss?” and she replied with a slight primness, “If you like.” She made herself rather cheap by inclining her face toward him, but he merely dropped an acorn button into her hand, so she slowly returned her face to where it had been before, and said nicely that she would wear his kiss on the chain around her neck.
Peter Pan, James M. Barrie, 1911 after the play of 1904 (Chapters 1 & 3).

Pairings: Castiel/Dean, Gabriel/Sam preslash.

Rating: Teen.

Genre and tropes: Pre-slash. Fantasy AU. Dean over-reacting when it comes to his little brother.

Word count: 5700.

Spoilers: None - AU.

Summary: So, okay, it took a while for Dean to work out that it was even possible for a guy to want love and sex with another guy, when it came to him and Castiel. And what with having finally got his act together there, and this whole angel-human treaty business, he’s been a bit distracted, okay? Can’t blame a guy if he takes a week or two to work out what that realisation means for the way his little brother looks at Gabriel.

Warnings: Passing reference to xenophobia or homophobia. Dean being a bit of a dick. Brief teenage angst.

And Sam… Sam was over there, looming by the feed shed, with his eyes practically shining. That fond knowing smirk of his was half-hidden behind his hand, like he could see what Gabriel was doing and every one of his flaws all at once and still wanted him for his hero.
And hold on. Hold on just one freaking second. Dean recognised that look, but not from Sam: he knew it because it was what he saw on Castiel, in Castiel’s eyes when he looked at Dean.

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They were thy brothers.

a March-Stalkers Mighty extra

She wished to give her brothers pleasure, and plucked the twelve flowers, and thought she would present each brother with one while at dinner. But at the self–same moment that she touched the flowers the twelve brothers were changed into twelve ravens, and flew away over the forest, and the house and garden vanished likewise. And now the poor maiden was alone in the wild forest, and when she looked around, an old woman was standing near her who said, “My child, what hast thou done? Why didst thou not leave the twelve white flowers growing? They were thy brothers, who are now for evermore changed into ravens.”
Grimm’s Household Tales, The Twelve Brothers.

Word Count: 6800.

Pairings: None, though it might be read as pre-Gabriel/Sam in the context of the whole series. Mention of past Gabriel/OFC, past Gabriel/Lucifer/Michael.

Rating: Mature, mostly for Gabriel’s state of mind.

Warnings: (Mouse-over individual warnings for mildly spoilery details, if desired.) Hermaphrodite character. Mention of trans/gender confusion. Angst, and grief. Violent thoughts, mental and emotional instability. Memories of kids being bullied, handling weapons, being attacked by monsters, and facing the start of a civil war. Mention of unprotected sex – I’m pretty sure Terry Pratchett’s is still the only fantasy universe with condoms. (Withdrawal is not an effective contraception, kids.)

Spoilers: None (AU).

Summary: This summary assumes you’ve read the main story. Gabriel’s mind is jumping wildly all over the place here and his disjointed thought process will make even less sense if you don’t know what's going on; and besides, there are a lot of details about his family and the situation of angels in general that are assumed knowledge here which are only discovered by the humans later on.
Told from Gabriel’s point of view. Takes place after the events of Passus II, pes dexter (i. e., after Dean meets Castiel, drags Sam out of bed, and confronts Gabriel in his cage in the barn to demand answers about how angels can possibly be people). Dean having left, Sam re-enters the barn to get answers to his own questions. Gabriel, raw with the shock of hearing about his brother’s death and with his imprisonment, struggles to retain his grip on reality and on sarcasm.

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Pelion, with all its woods.

a March-Stalkers Mighty extra

Proud of their strength, and more than mortal size
The gods they challenge, and affect the skies:
Heaved on Olympus tottering Ossa stood;
On Ossa, Pelion nods with all his wood.
Homer’s Odyssey, trans. Alexander Pope. (Book IX.)

Written for the Sabriel mini-bang, 2012. Artwork by machidieles.

Word Count: 10800.

Pairings: Gabriel/Sam, background Dean/Castiel.

Genre: Slashy pre-slash.

Rating: Mature.

Beta: [personal profile] kototyph

Warnings: Slight elements of PTSD. Hints (without details) at intersexual characteristics.

Spoilers: None (AU).

Summary: If you haven’t read the main story:
The Winchesters live in a small, very isolated town in the middle of the barren monster-ridden marches, which has very little contact with the outside world. The second-worst of the monsters that inhabit their lands are the demons. The very worst are also the most newly arrived, and they are the angels. Dean and Sam have both buried the memories of the silent boy with black wings whom Dean had used to play with as a child, years before any other human every saw an angel. But when Castiel returns to bring an end to the war, and the familiar pedlar Gabriel turns out to have been an angel all along, things get messy - and not only for them.
The hunters, including Sam and Dean, turn on Gabriel and lock him up in the barn; Castiel is shot out of the sky and almost dies before Dean and Sam find him; and finally, Dean has to help the archangel escape and make a wary ally of him, to save Castiel’s life.
Sam has, in the course of the main story, been turned into a dog by tripping an old curse, and has fled the land with Gabriel and Castiel to avoid a kill-or-be-killed situation with the other hunters. Together they’ve just come up with a solution: the curse can’t be lifted, but it can be transmuted, so that Sam is now a skinwalker.
And now that you’ve read the main story, or the summary:
This story is told from Sam’s perspective, while he is out in the wide world with Gabriel, Castiel, Gwen, Rachel, and the other angels. Sam returns to consciousness, human-shaped again after a month on four feet, with Gabriel at his bedside. Gabriel’s fumbling attempts to soothe the pain of transformation tumble them hard and fast towards emotions and vulnerabilities that neither is ready to deal with.

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Written: 13-14 June 2012

Pairing: Dean/Gabriel, Sam/Castiel pre-slash or friendship.

Rating: Teen, almost complete crack

Length: c. 5800

Summary: The advantage of Gabriel having downloaded all of Shakespeare's plays into Dean's head is that Dean quoting Shakespeare is really hot. The disadvantage is that it makes an excellent excuse for them to actually talk even less.
In which Sam goes "..." a lot, and Castiel sneaks.
“Cas,” Sam hissed at the ceiling. “You gotta help me, man. I think the Apocalypse might be back on the rails.”
Castiel whooshed into existence, blinking owlishly. “Sam. Why are you wearing cupcake footie pyjamas?”
“Forget the pyjamas! Dean’s quoting Shakespeare. Willingly. I’m pretty sure that’s bigger than any Horseman.”

Notes: Sequel to What passion hangs these weights upon my tongue?, a very short G-rated piece of crack in which Gabriel hexes Dean into speaking only in Shakespeare quotes to try to make him confess his love to Castiel (but Dean, of course, picks another angel). Because it was [livejournal.com profile] princess_aleera's birthday, and she made me write What passion, so now she gets a sequel, shameless enabler that she is.


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Previous chapter --- Masterpost --- Next chapter

In which Stull Cemetery sees far more angels than expected.
Sam, Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel, Castiel.

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Previous chapter --- Masterpost --- Next chapter

Surrey, 1406. In which Gabriel visits a woman for whom tears are not a bad thing, and makes a decision; and the last brother he would have expected calls for him.
Margery Kempe, Gabriel.

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Previous chapter --- Masterpost --- Next chapter

In which Gabriel brings someone back with him, and Sam reaches a decision.
Sariel, Sam, Gabriel, Dean, Bobby, Castiel.

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Previous chapter --- Masterpost --- Next chapter

In which everyone relaxes a little at the end of the world.
Dean, Sam, Castiel, Gabriel, Bobby.


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Previous chapter --- Masterpost --- Next chapter

In which Dean foists himself on Gabriel, while Sam, Castiel, and Bobby hit the books.
Dean, Sam, Castiel, Gabriel, Bobby.

Warning: This chapter contains some large images (SFW).

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