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Written: 13-14 June 2012

Pairing: Dean/Gabriel, Sam/Castiel pre-slash or friendship.

Rating: Teen, almost complete crack

Length: c. 5800

Summary: The advantage of Gabriel having downloaded all of Shakespeare's plays into Dean's head is that Dean quoting Shakespeare is really hot. The disadvantage is that it makes an excellent excuse for them to actually talk even less.
In which Sam goes "..." a lot, and Castiel sneaks.
“Cas,” Sam hissed at the ceiling. “You gotta help me, man. I think the Apocalypse might be back on the rails.”
Castiel whooshed into existence, blinking owlishly. “Sam. Why are you wearing cupcake footie pyjamas?”
“Forget the pyjamas! Dean’s quoting Shakespeare. Willingly. I’m pretty sure that’s bigger than any Horseman.”

Notes: Sequel to What passion hangs these weights upon my tongue?, a very short G-rated piece of crack in which Gabriel hexes Dean into speaking only in Shakespeare quotes to try to make him confess his love to Castiel (but Dean, of course, picks another angel). Because it was [livejournal.com profile] princess_aleera's birthday, and she made me write What passion, so now she gets a sequel, shameless enabler that she is.


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Written: 16 March and 11 April 2012
Pairing: Gen, or Castiel/Dean, or Dean/Gabriel - take your pick!
Rating: G and complete crack
Length: c. 800
Summary: Wherein Gabriel decides that Dean's vocabulary needs expanding, and also that he has something he needs to confess to Castiel, and makes him only able to speak in certain quotes. In other words, Gabriel still hasn't learned his lesson about dealing with Winchesters.
: Shakespeare might be turning in his grave, but he does have a rather broad sense of humour. I'm not so sure about W. S. Gilbert.
Notes: This is all [livejournal.com profile] princess_aleera's fault. It originated in a moment of commenting insanity over here, but was then edited and finished on the occasion of [livejournal.com profile] saucery  making a new Shakespeare fusion community which you should all join because everyone needs more Shakespeare. And Shakespeare is all about the fusions. And the AUs. And the crack. And the fanfic.
ETA: Now with a sequel: Silence is the perfectest herald of joy.


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