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Scenes that never made it in, or were substantially altered. As, for example, the scene in which Gabriel did actually get to throw a book of porn at Dean's head, rather than sending Anna to do it on his behalf.
The greatest change made after the first draft was complete was a major reshuffle of the events of the second half of the story, starting when Castiel, Gabriel, Sam, Gwen, and the other angels returned from outside. The problem was that the denouement took too long: Castiel wasn’t injured by the demon that was possessing Dean, the angels stayed outside the town for a few weeks, the meeting in the field was the first time that Bobby and Jody and Rufus and so on had met them, Lucifer attacked and was defeated (wounding Castiel’s wings badly in the process), and only after that did the angels (all of them, including Gabriel) move into the town as Castiel recovered. This meant that almost all of the wrapping up of the emotional plot and all of Dean’s realisations about his feelings happened well after the conclusion of the demon plot, with the result that the “finale” dragged out over several chapters. Obviously, several scenes were substantially rewritten in this process, or dropped altogether. These are they!

Jump to:
Alternate ending to the scene in which Sam, Gwen, and the angels return.
In Which Gabriel Throws Porn About.
The meeting in the field.
Clowning muddily in Ellen's outhouse.

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So, Pelion was originally going to be much longer: one scene from each of the weeks that Gabriel, Sam, Castiel, Gwen, and Rachel were Outside, told in such a way that they conveyed a sense of what had been going on throughout the rest of the week. But that one central scene, with Gabriel and Sam, just kept getting longer and longer, and I didn't have much free time. The other problem was, of course, the one scene with Gabriel and Sam is fairly simple, and doesn't need a lot of context, but start introducing the other characters and their various grievances with each other and discussions about plot, and suddenly I'd be needing to provide a very hefty summary. And this was intended for the Sabriel minibang, and therefore needed to stand on its own.
So, here's the sketch for the other weeks. Only week 1 is complete.
Also there is a sketched attempt to make the massage scene turn porny, but the boys weren't up for it. So to speak.

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All timestamps , world-building notes, and deleted scenes will be linked from here.
Note that I add a comment to this post whenever I do add a new one (mostly timestamps), so if you want to know if I add to this verse, this may be a handy post to follow.
As with all my fics, you can find any of these on AO3 as well.

Timestamps (in chronological order).

They were thy brothers.
Gabriel’s point of view. The scene between Gabriel and Sam in the barn, that first night.

Pelion, with all its woods.
Sam’s point of view. Sam wakes up in Gabriel’s wagon, newly human-shaped again. A.k.a., That Thing That Happened Which Dean Didn’t Get.

An Acorn Button.
Dean’s point of view, with brief Sam coda. Set just after the main fic: Dean works out that Sam has feelings for Gabriel.

Bright as a Gorgon’s Eyes.
Castiel’s point of view on events of the main story, including some new scenes with Dean, Rachel, and Gabriel, and carrying on to about three weeks after the main fic.

Every Fertile Inch.
Six Castiel/Dean sex scenes, one per week, for the first six weeks after the end of March-Stalkers Mighty. Alternating points of view between Dean and Castiel. Basically, lots of fumbling awkward how-do-we-do-sex-and-also-this-relationship learning.


Authorial timelines, and Jody’s entries in the town annals for the first few months of the story.

Deleted scenes.

In which the boys make Ellen’s bathhouse muddy.

In which Gabriel throws porn at Dean’s head.

In which Castiel is not injured by demon!Dean and that whole scene ends rather differently.

In which Bobby, Jody, etc meet all the angels for the first time in the field. And also there is Charlie.

All the unfinished scenes from Pelion, plus attempted porny massages.


Regarding which timestamps or ficlets you’d like to see, once I get the time to do any.

Essay on Beowulf.

This is the academic paper I wrote on Beowulf a few years ago, from which I drew the themes I refer to in March-Stalkers Mighty. I expect it to have a tiny tiny audience. :) The post is friends-locked (both on here and on livejournal), because do you know how many hits my academic blog gets when I so much as mention the word 'beowulf' from people searching for 'beowulf essay download' and 'beowulf paper'? The answer is 'many'.
If you've an LJ/DW account, feel free to friend me even if we don't know each other - I just use 'friend' as a list of 'people who write interesting things' myself, so I've no objection to other people doing it. If you don't, and really really want to read this essay for some reason, send me a message letting me know your email address and I'll get it to you.


You might also want to take a look at the author’s notes and readers’ questions for this verse.


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