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- Sebastian is ridiculous - but actually sweeter and less intimidating than I'd expected to find him.

- Mark is caustic, but says interesting thoughtful things and has persuaded me to watch BSG.

- Matt and Richard's panel turned into a group thing - they persuaded Rob (who was MCing) to stay (and all three acted out the Saga of Last Night's Plane Trip in graphic detail), then Sebastian wandered in and sat up the back doing occasional heckling, and Misha dropped by at one point to call them all liars.

- Rob is adorable.

- Somehow Misha got me reciting Middle English poetry in his panel when I was trying to ask whether Castiel had any trust issues.

- The con staff should know better by now than to try to organise the ordering of questions in a panel: it was a bit of a saga all day, them trying to catch the guys' attention to whichever person they'd decided was next (and handed the microphone to) while Sebastian and Mark wandered around picking their own people and occasionally paying attention to whomever the staff had picked, and Matt and Richard took over completely and roamed the audience handing out their own microphones in turn, and Misha just stayed up the front and pointed at hands and said YOU.

- Mark is the sensible adult who goes home at a reasonable hour and doesn't turn up to karaoke - nobody was surprised.

And, most importantly - video recording wasn't allowed, and was stamped down on pretty hard, which I knew from last year, so I made complete audio recordings of the panels (with the exception of about five minutes at the start of Mark's, because a girl's got to bolt down her lunch sometime). Once I've edited the files they'll be up here, and I will transcribe them as well, with explanatory notes like [Sebastian gestures at his crotch] and [Matt mimes an aeroplane diving sideways] sometime before the end of the week.
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